Hi, I am Spiky Mikie. Welcome and thanks for visiting my little place.

What is this site about? You may have guessed it, it is about photographic images. Or rather, about the "artistic skills" I acquired over time in working with various photo editors.

This site is meant to be a fun place, for me to try out things and for you to enjoy. It is not to be taken seriously in any way. However, if you wish to offer comments, make suggestions, or feel you need to make a complaint, please send me an e-mail at the link provided below.

Likewise, use the e-mail link if you wish to share images of similar nature and put my work to shame. When there are enough contributions I will dedicate a section to visitors.

I will expand the contents of this site, so please check back regularly. However, please do not expect daily updates.
I have a life to live as well.

Enough said, now go and enjoy yourself.